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Prop 32

Leslie Daigle

i think this chick is a moron. appointed (not elected) to council. and then had those nasty issues with her reelection. she's a political professional out to promote herself whatever the cost. i've never heard her say anything inspiring, or that i believe in or believe she believes in. that is of course just my opinion. what do you all think? am i wrong? is she a women of substance or does she just work and milk the political system? does she stand for anything? should she be trusted with our vote for the state? she is right our state is broken i just have a feeling she will just break it more.


this board has been dead quiet for a while. is it ready to reactivate?

Up and Running!

YEAAAAAAA....the new message board is up and running, just in time for the Assembly think of the candidates? Whadda think about the new TAJ Mc City Hall? Whadda think about Banning Ranch? Let's get this show running again :)


Testing new date input!

Fly away ghetto bird!

Although we weren't able to cage it, the ghetto bird finally starved to death!

Re: Budget

Does that really surprise you?

Re: Budget

Does that really surprise you?


they plan to take in 206 million in revenues and spend 236 million in expenses. so our city plans to lose 30 million next year. see budget.


Newport Beach salaries

these are great salaries when you also consider the fully funded defined benefits pensions, medical benefits and generous vacation schedules added on top of these base salaries. we should all be so lucky to work for government just as long as some other sucker pays his taxes to carry us along.

Is this site currant?

Hi, After the Daily Pilot has changed its format and shutting out community forums and web participation I've been looking for a sounding board for Newport. There's very much to discuss regarding our city. Thanks RandyBalboa

You are...

Rosanski. funny how we have council members who don't live or work in the city of NB.

City Hall

Setting politics aside for a moment, what should we do about city hall? Do we really need a new one? Is there historical value in keeping where it currently is? Would it make sense to move it? Do we really care? How much will it cost...150M? that's about 1 year's worth of city revenue I think.


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