Fight Back!
Now that it's obvious that our own Mayor has been bought and paid for by big developers, it's more important than ever to start fighting back!

Here are a few things that you can do to Fight Back! (sorted by effort required for the motivationally challenged):

  1. Most importantly: TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS WEBSITE!

  2. START VOTING!  Click on "Vote in NB" to register to vote in Newport Beach.

  3. JOIN us!  Add your name to our Mailing List so we can get people organized. We really need to get active or we will continue to be ignored!

  4. E-MAIL your Newport Beach council member (click NB City Council). We even posted links to their e-mail addresses on our home page! Their e-mail addresses and phone numbers are on the official Newport Beach City Council website for a reason - they are supposed to be working for you!

  5. GO to City Council meetings!  It's a lot easier to stay awake when they are right there in front of you (kind of like watching baseball). MAP

  6. SPEAK up before they vote!  Believe it or not, they even allow real live residents to talk before they vote. Click "MEETING" to see your fellow residents speaking up at the "4th of July Law" vote.

Couldn't vote in Newport last election?  CLICK HERE to register to vote in Newport Beach!