Conspiracy Theory
So, by now you may be thinking, "Why is this all happening?  Doesn't America stand for freedom?"  Well, unfortunately, if you believe the following conspiracy theory, then the answer may be no!


Introduction.  They're talking, are you listening?
Read what our leaders are saying about the New World Order.
Chapter 1.  Control the Money = Control the Country
Read how a handful of families, many foreign, have seized power of our country's money supply.
Chapter 2.  Our Leaders' Secret Pasts
Why is it that almost all of our Presidents have emerged from one of three groups?
Chapter 3.  Groups that Really Rule the World
Who are they?  What are they planning?
Chapter 4.  Sinister Cults Behind the Scenes? (Coming Soon!)
Discover what some say are sinister cult organizations guiding these agendas.
Chapter 5.  How do they Keep the Secret?
How do they keep this from the American public?  We'll expose their coverup tactics.
Hint:  It involves the media and untimely deaths..
Chapter 6.  David Rockefeller - The Anti-Christ?
With so many of David's tax-free organizations dedicated to world domination, one can't help but wonder:  Anti-Christ or just really greedy business man?  You decide!
Appendix.  Sources that Expose All!
Links to books and websites that expose the conspiracy theories!
Begin:  Introduction to the Worlds Greatest Conspiracy Theory!

There's nothing patriotic about the Patriot Act!